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Gay Athletes Summer Camp

Youth at Brokeback Mountain Ski Area

July 12, 2007

For Immediate Release
From Jack Dunn, BMSA Managing Director

Brokeback Mountain Ski Area (BMSA) starts a summer camp program for young gay and lesbian athletes.

Starting on June 30th of 2007 BMSA is launching a new summer camp program aimed at providing a nurturing environment and high altitude training for the nation's best young gay and lesbian athletes.

While in the past BMSA hosted smaller sports events this program is designed from ground up to address issues of homophobia in intramural events. Coach William E. Langdon has been hired as the program director.

The highly selective 2007 summer camp draws top performing athletes from high schools and colleges from over 40 states.

"I can say I've been fortunate that the question of my sexual orientation has never been an issue with my teammates. From talking to the new friends I have made here at Brokeback Mountain Ski Area I can see that my experience is unfortunately unique," says Lucas B. Goodman who is one of this year's young athletes at the camp.

BMSA is confident that the program will grow to become a major summer destination for talented gay and lesbian youth athletes from all over the United States.

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