Arnold Breaks Leg Skiing

Shocking Photo Record of Rescue Operation

schwartzenegger skiing
arnold in sun valley



arnold breaks a leg


California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg while skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho. Early season obstacles did not play part in this freak accident.

While details of the ski accident are still unclear witnesses who were present at the scene report the governor was attempting to nail a 180 on a small jump at the kid zone snowboard park. Arnold is reportedly a great steeps skier but not the best frestyler on the mountain.

"I saw this old guy coming down for the two-foot kicker. He cut me off, we almost crashed into each other. The kicker threw him into a spin and he took a bad spill," said John Watts a 13-year-old jibber who is the self proclaimed king of the freestyle park at the resort.

The 59-year old governor is reported in stable condition. The Sun Valley resort is not commenting on rumors that they are considering removing Arnold's season pass.

Sun Valley is a premiere north American ski resort. The distinct ski destination has been in operation since 1936. Many celebrity skiers and snow sports enthusiasts including Arnold Schwarzenegger own homes at this exclusive winter resort.